Originally from a small town in South-America, I fell in love with travelling. With my definite wild side I am always in pursuit of adventures of all kinds and as a student I’d like to now explore what I used to only dream about when reading my favorite books or through films. When I’m not studying or travelling you can find me buried in books, at the movies or enjoying a evening with friends. I am a very lighthearted person – unafraid of intimacy in all its forms, I adore meeting new people and letting them into my life. I truly enjoy sharing who I am and experiencing something genuine.

If you are a man who loves and respects women, who has an open mind and a great heart, I invite you into my world and life, to enjoy the fact that we are free and can open up to a warm partner who you can yourself to and discover new parts of who you are – If only for an evening.





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Interested in a ménage à trois? Here you’ll find the women I adore seeing, or am dying to meet; alluring, sexy, and charming, these ladies will captivate your attention. Join us for the ultimate experience in sensuality and seduction.

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